Saar Travel Assistance guarantees the insured with immediate assistance in the event of urgent, unforeseeable and fortuitous difficulties that may arise during a stay abroad, exclusively in the following cases:

  • Coverage of medical, hospitalization, and surgical expenses following an illness or accident occurring in the SHENGEN area of up to CFAF 20 000 000 (Euros 30 000), with a deductible of Euros 32 800.
  • The repatriation of the body to the place of burial in the event of the death of the insured, with no limit on costs;
  • Medical repatriation or medical evacuation in the event of accident or illness, with no limit on cost;
  • Criminal bail in case of legal problems up to CFAF 10 000 720 (Euros 15 254);
  • Transmission of urgent messages: unlimited
  • Cash advance in case of loss of air ticket, credit card, identity papers, etc… up to CFAF 1 000 000 (Euros 1 524.39).

N.B. All services must be subject to the prior approval of MAPFRE ASISTENCIA France, which can be reached on 00 33 4 37 28 98 99 within France or on 33 33 4 37 28 98 outside France.