Transport insurance was created to cover risks related to the transportation of goods by land, sea or air (Example: damage, theft, late delivery, etc.).

SAAR guarantees goods handed over either to transport auxiliaries to be entrusted to public, air, maritime, rail or road carriers, including the Postal Administration, or directly to its carriers for transportation by land, in accordance with the regulations in force or recognised trade practices.
It applies to goods that are new, prepared or packaged for shipment.
Damages and losses can be covered by “All Risks” or “Characterized Accidents” insurance.

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The “Free of Particular Average (FPA)” guarantee

It covers loss and damage to goods caused by an event listed in the policy.

You can choose between 3 types of contract:

Travel  policy 

It covers specific goods on a well-defined route.

Declaration  policy 

It is of indefinite duration. The insured shall inform the insurer of the total value of the goods and the number of shipments planned.

Open  policy 

You simply have to inform SAAR each time a trip is undertaken.
You have the possibility to subscribe by filling in the online questionnaire, wherein a quotation will be made and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

The  "All  Risks"  guarantee   

In this insurance, the insurer covers material damage and loss as well as loss of weight or quantity of the insured goods.
It only covers new goods. It does not cover all risks, some risks are formally excluded.