Professional multi-risk / Comprehensive damage

Professional Multi-risk insurance provides you with complete coverage for your property and liabilities.

The guarantees offered are as follows:

Fire, Theft, Water damage, Glass breakage, Machinery Breakdown, Computer All Risks, Company Manager CL

Fire  and  related  risks 

Your buildings, your facilities, your equipment are an important heritage that must be protected, whether you are a tenant or an owner.
For you, we cover:

    • fire and related risks;
    • electrical damage;
    • explosions and implosions;
    • deprivation of enjoyment;
    • expert fees;
    • indirect losses;
    • etc.


Compensation from SAAR covers:

    • The content of your business area (furniture, documents, machines …);
    • Cash on hand, and in the safe;
    • Funds when moving from your premises to the bank and vice versa.

Water  damage 

SAAR guarantees the reimbursement of material damages caused accidentally:

    • to furniture, buildings, working documents, appliances etc. by the action of water.
    • As well as the liability of the insured for damage caused to others as a result.

Glass  breakage 

The Glass Breakage Warranty covers:

    • Damage to glass equipment
    • Additional costs thereto related
    • Provisional closure or security fees

Machinery  Breakdown 

Its aim is to protect your machine park.
SAAR covers you against breakdown caused to your:

    • machine tools;
    • generators;
    • material and equipment.

Computer  All  Risks 

This guarantee normally comes into effect from when a machine is put into service till when it is taken out of service. Travel, maintenance and repair periods are also covered by SAAR.
The risks covered here take into account:

    • Internal causes (inherent to the machine);
    • Human causes (clumsiness, misuse);
    • External causes (electrical factors, power surges, chance events, falling foreign body).

Professional  civil  liability 

Civil liability is the legal obligation to compensate for damage that a natural or legal person has caused to a third party.

In the course of your professional activities, the operation of your business, the marketing of your products or their use, or the services you provide, you may cause damage to your employees, customers or other third parties.

This is why a business manager’s civil liability insurance is indispensable. It is a cover, a security. It allows you to secure a long lifespan for your company in the face of major risks. Thanks to it, you can guarantee:

    • body injury,
    • property damage,
    • immaterial damage caused to any natural or legal person.

In business manager liability insurance, a distinction is made between:

    • Operating civil liability

It covers only damage caused in the course of the company’s business.

    • Professional liability

Pro CL covers you when the loss results from the company’s services.
It allows you to answer for an error, fault, omission or any damage to someone or something, as the basis of professional coverage.

The premium for business manager’s civil liability insurance is calculated on the basis of the turnover, staff number and, above all, activities carried out by your company.

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Machinery  breakdown  insurance 

Any damage to one of your machines can affect the rest of your business.

Usually the machinery breakdown insurance is included in the professional multi-risk contract. However, when you have expensive, new or leased machines, it is advisable to take out a specific contract. This insurance provides optimum protection for your machine park.

SAAR covers you against breakdowns and malfunctions occurring on your:

  • machine tools;
  • generators;
  • materials and equipment.

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Global  banking 

“Global Banking” insurance is a comprehensive offer for financial institutions. It covers the following risks:

  • Civil liability of managers
  • Professional civil liability
  • Fire and related risks
  • Burglary or robbery
  • Cash transportation
  • Swindling/Fraud by employees and third parties
  • Water damage
  • Glass breakage
  • Computer all risks

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Construction  All  Risks 

The construction of a building is an operation that requires the mobilization of financial and human resources. CAR insurance is subscribed by a legal or natural person who undertakes construction work; and who intervenes in the capacity of owner of the operation, or in the capacity of seller, agent of the project.

Throughout this process, the construction site is exposed to damage that can result from several factors:

  • A landslide
  • A storm, a flood,
  • Slab subsidence
  • Crane collapse
  • Wrong machine manoeuvre
  • A fire
  • Design flaws
  • Equipment theft
  • Etc.

The construction sites must be insured in case of damage and for civil liability. The following are thus covered:

  • The work from the opening of the site
  • Materials and equipment from the moment they arrive on site
  • Third parties (people involved in the construction site and neighbourhood)

The guarantee takes effect from the date of the declaration of opening of the construction site until the acceptance of the work, i.e. during the construction period itself.

In the event of a claim, SAAR compensates you without prior investigation of liability.

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Erection/Testing  All  Risks 

This guarantee is often associated with the Construction All Risks, and is specifically applied to the assembly operations of machines, plants, technical facilities, industrial units and metal constructions.

The key difference between CAR and EAR coverage lies in the testing, tuning and commissioning of the machines at the end of the erection work, hence the name often used for EAR which is “Erection/Testing All Risks”.

Where a site involves building or Civil Engineering and Engineering, it is the predominance (in terms of capital) of the building/civil engineering or engineering that determines the nature of the coverage: EAR or CAR.

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Secup 2000

Fire causes huge damage and without any protection you risk losing:

  • Your building
  • Its content
  • Your freedom, and large sums of money for destroying the neighbourhood

By subscribing to Secup 2000, your assets are secured.

Product  warranties 

  • Appropriate logistics to accommodate you after the fire
  • The means necessary to reconstitute your property and buildings
  • Compensation for damage caused to others.


  • Business managers
  • Liberal professions
  • Heads of families


Below is a simulation

Building value or rental risk (CFA) Value of contents (CFA) Annual premium excluding tax (CFA)
15000000 2000000 20400
25000000 2000000 32400
40000000 3000000 54600

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