Guarantees lighten the cash flow of companies by allowing them:

  • to avoid disbursements;
  • to expedite cash receipts, for example, in the case of duty deferment guarantees and guaranteed bonds that provide the possibility of deferring payment of customs duties due on imported goods;
  • to defer payments by, for example, obtaining duty deferment guarantees and guaranteed bonds which offer the company the possibility of having advance payments in connection with the performance of a public contract.

Surety guarantee is a contract by which SAAR undertakes to reimburse the commitments of the insured when the latter defaults.

We accompany you in the following types of guarantees:

  • Market guarantees
  • Customs or tax guarantees
  • Professional guarantees
  • Supplier guarantees
  • Bank guarantees

To subscribe, we invite you to contact us so that our manager can provide you with all the documents required for the analysis and establishment of your insurance policy and the certificate of guarantee.

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