Frequently  Asked  Questions 

1.  Policies 

Many factors cause prices to vary from one insurer to another. The main ones are:

  • Covers of different claims. Indeed it makes sense to pay less expensive insurance that will cover you up to 1 million CFA francs rather than up to 3 million CFA francs
  • Vehicle power. The cost of the insurance for the Civil Liability guarantee is generally fixed by the State and according to the administrative power of your vehicle
  • Number of claims. An insurance that had 50,000 claims last year will increase far less than the rate that had 100,000. This setting is random

The acronym DTA stands for Automobile Stamp Law. This tax is collected by the insurers at the time of the subscription of your insurance policy. It is then transferred to the State by your insurer. DTA was formerly called Automotive Vignette and had to be glued to the windshield of your vehicle to certify payment. This formality is now facilitated by your insurer in certain countries

The Rose Card is a certificate that is given to you at the time of the subscription of your policy, which allows that your vehicle is covered in the countries of the zone CEMAC in case of displacement or in the event of an accident with a vehicle registered in the one of these countries.

In the event of a claim, if the number of persons installed in the vehicle exceeds that indicated on the registration certificate of the vehicle, it is probable that the claim will be aggravated by the fact that not all of them were wearing seat belts and, in addition, insurer to cover only the number of persons that the vehicle was supposed to accommodate

Any accident must be declared to your insurer.

To do so, you just have to fill out a report, a form that you must always have available in your vehicle. This document must be completed by both parties and sent to each insurer with the clear and precise description of the accident illustrated by a sketch.

The claim must be declared 5 days after the accident.

The insurance will come back to you to inform you of the procedures to be followed according to the importance of the disaster (repairs, expertise …) and your committed responsibility (responsible or not responsible).

If the claim involves only your vehicle and that of a third party, you can use the form of Amicable Statement issued by your insurer.

As soon as a third vehicle is involved or the incident caused bodily injury, the report must be made by an authority.

The claim must then be declared to the insurer as soon as possible while taking timely protective measures so as not to aggravate the expenses.

In general, your insurance covers the accessories mounted in series on your vehicle. On the other hand, audio-visual equipment (car radios in particular) and optional equipment not mounted in series are often not covered. Nevertheless, each insurer has its own rates and conditions.

The first technical inspection must take place on the day following the 4th anniversary of the date of the first entry into service of the vehicle. You will not receive a notice, but some companies approved to carry out the technical inspection of the vehicles send reminders to their customers as soon as you are part of their database. You will then have to make these checks every year.