Recruitment  Process 

At SAAR Insurance, we are looking for new employees every day. The spirit of the company’s leaders is to encourage young people through recruitment to positions of responsibility.

We are determined to be job creators in Africa, but also to evolve with our market.

If you like challenges, have the spirit of teamwork, are vibrant, then join the SAAR Group!

About the recruitment process, candidates who hold a diploma less than or equal to a Bac +3 will take a written test followed by selection interviews. For candidates who hold a diploma higher than or equal to a Bac +4, they will directly take selection interviews. The interviews are led by the Management Committee of the company.

Recruitment is based on a set of criteria, each with its defined number of points. These points allow the candidate to obtain a mark, which results in admission to training or summoning to another recruitment session for a better defence of their profile.

Business  Excellence  Academy 

Founded in 2012, the Business Excellence Academy (BEA) is a training school for managers, branch of the PKFOKAM Institute of Excellence. It trains the Group’s human resources: the staff being recruited and the professionals already operational. It is also solicited by companies, wishing to strengthen the skills of their employees.

The training period is 6 months for newly recruited staff and 3 to 4 months for professionals.

The objective of BEA is to instil corporate values ​​(responsibility, equity, team spirit, humility, etc.) and to share knowledge directly linked to the responsibilities of all. The courses are tailored to allow staff get a direct feel of issues related to the corporate world and in the end, to be able to occupy positions of responsibility.

The school has 3 training professions:


Check out the BEA curriculum

We’re  Hiring, 

Portfolio Sales Manager

Location : Douala, Cameroon

Sales and Marketing

Posted On : Feb 17

About the role & Responsibilities

– Welcome and install the customer
– Offer the customer a drink
– Collect their needs.

– Present the guarantees meeting the client’s needs
– Offer additional guarantees
– Collect information through the questionnaire
– Risk visit.

– Editing of the insurance proposal
– Submission of the insurance proposal to the subscriber for approval.

– Issuance of the contract
– Printing of the contract (and of the insurance certificate and pink card if the customer has taken out the automobile liability cover)
– Signing of the contract.

– Edition of the invoice
– Collection of the premium
– Edition of the receipt
– Other formalities.

– Digitally archive the file
– File the file.

– Receipt and study of the coinsurance offer
– Tariff verification
– Negotiation of the leading insurer’s commission rate
– Collection of the premium.

– Suggest a transfer of part of the risk to colleagues
– Negotiate the commission rate
– Have the client and the other co-insurers sign the contract
– Collect the total premium and remit those of the co-insurers.

Accountant Controller

Location : Douala, Cameroon


Posted On : Feb 17

About the role & Responsibilities

Monitor compliance with the SAAR subscription policy;
– Check the existence and respect of collaboration agreements;
– Check the compliance of commission rates with the law;
– Control the use of certificates and other production materials;
– Control claims payment authorizations;
– Control the repayment of premiums collected;
– Control the recording in the ORASS software of issues, collections and claims (paid and payable);
– Establish monthly control reports;
– Re-examine the production files received from the units;
– Control the pricing of contracts issued by the units.

Claim Manager

Location : Douala, Cameroon


Posted On : Feb 17

About the role & Responsibilities

Complete the claim form indicating all the required information.
Enter the information contained in the declaration into the management software
Open a claim file bearing the number generated by the software
Travel to the scene of the disaster to assess and reduce the extent of the damage.
Acknowledge receipt and claim the necessary documents within 48 hours
Classify the physical file

Write a technical sheet specifying the circumstances of the incident
Analyze the guarantees of the contract to determine if the loss is due
Assign an expert to assess the cost of the claim if the offer falls to us
Authenticate the documents received
Present a payment offer to the beneficiary

Write a technical sheet specifying the opposing company and the amount of the claim
Send a claim to the opposing company with all the supporting documents
Relaunch the opposing company until payment documents are obtained

Prepare a payment receipt.
Establish and deliver the payment check to the beneficiary
Record the payment in the management software

Record on the coast, date and reason for closing
Enter the closing information in the management software
File the claim file

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