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Portfolio Sales Manager

Location : Douala, Cameroon

Sales and Marketing

Experience : 4 Years

About the role & Responsibilities

– Welcome and install the customer
– Offer the customer a drink
– Collect their needs.

– Present the guarantees meeting the client’s needs
– Offer additional guarantees
– Collect information through the questionnaire
– Risk visit.

– Editing of the insurance proposal
– Submission of the insurance proposal to the subscriber for approval.

– Issuance of the contract
– Printing of the contract (and of the insurance certificate and pink card if the customer has taken out the automobile liability cover)
– Signing of the contract.

– Edition of the invoice
– Collection of the premium
– Edition of the receipt
– Other formalities.

– Digitally archive the file
– File the file.

– Receipt and study of the coinsurance offer
– Tariff verification
– Negotiation of the leading insurer’s commission rate
– Collection of the premium.

– Suggest a transfer of part of the risk to colleagues
– Negotiate the commission rate
– Have the client and the other co-insurers sign the contract
– Collect the total premium and remit those of the co-insurers.